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David Raju

VP Finance

Hey folks! I'm Dave and I'm the VP Finance 💸 for UAHRMA. I'm a first-year (unsurprisingly) Finance major, but it's my third year here at the UofA. It's wonderful working with the best team ever! Looking forward to meeting y'all and stay tuned for the fun stuff.

1. What made you passionate to join UAHRMA?

I've always wanted to connect with people beyond my major and take a break from the nerdy stuff. I also wanted to experience something unique. That's where UAHRMA appealed to me the most since it fulfilled what I was looking for. Additionally, planning events with HR (and soon-to-be HR) professionals felt like the best exposure to that field.

2. What do you hope to achieve by being part of the team?

Hoping to gain vital experience in budget planning and hosting events while also having fun with team members through various activities.

3. What did you learn during quarantine?

Working from home is pretty legit now. As the world keeps heading towards a metaverse, keeping up-to-date with digital stuff and technology is crucial while balancing meeting people in real life. I've learned to be grounded in going for things I'm passionate about like playing instruments or reading books while spending time with people I've never met before. 🤘