julie ppt.png

Julie Bang

VP External

Hello everyone! I'm Julie :) I'm a second year business student majoring in Marketing and I'm also the VP External for UARHMA this year. I hope to gain valuable experience through my role and to expand my HR knowledge! In my free time, I love to bake, garden, and watch Netflix ^_^ I wanted to join UAHRMA to get involved and for the opportunity to meet new people. 

  • What is your favourite show to binge/watch on Netflix or TV?

On the top of my head? Haunting of Hill House, Altered Carbon, and Peaky Blinders


  • What is something you could talk about for hours?

My dog Rosie, types of house plants, and music


  • What is your dream job/organization you would like to work for in the future?

I don't have a specific career or organization in mind just yet, however, I hope it is a job that I love to do and look forward to everyday.