Daniela Nadeau

Vp marketing

Hi! My name is Daniela and I’m this year's VP Marketing for UAHRMA. My role consists of all marketing material which includes this amazing website you’re currently looking at, and to promote all of our awesome events/initiatives. I’m a 4th-year student majoring in HR and minoring in Sociology. When I have some free time I love to play guitar and sing, music, in general, is one of my greatest passions and I love discovering new artists and bands all the time! I decided to join UAHRMA because I want to share my excitement of HR with others, and most importantly I want to help others become the best version of themselves. I want to help students find jobs, give them resume/cover letter tips, and share helpful resources. I’m super excited to be part of a great team and I hope you join us at our awesome (online) events. 


  • What is your favourite show to binge/watch on Netflix or TV?

Right now I’m really enjoying Arrested Development (I’m late to the party I know) but nothing really beats my one true love… Parks and Recreation!!!! 


  • What is something you could talk about for hours?

I could talk forever about HR!! I'm so happy to have found a career that excites me and that makes me a better person every day. I love talking about diversity and inclusion, mental health, and recruitment. 


  • What is your dream job/organization you would like to work for in the future?

My dream organization is definitely Spotify or something in the music industry. I live and breathe for music so my goal is to travel all around the world finding awesome music (and employees!) Plus, who wouldn’t want free concert tickets?