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Jadon To 

Vp marketing

Hello everyone! My name is Jadon To and I am UAHRMA’s VP Marketing for this year! I’m in my third year majoring in Business Law and Economics. I am excited to create content for this year and to help others!

1. What made you passionate to join UAHRMA?

I wanted to join UAHRMA because I wanted to help the business world to learn more about the importance of HR. It brings me a lot of joy knowing that I can support other students discover their passion in HR-related activities.

2. What do you hope to achieve by being part of the team?

I hope to create content to help other students be aware of all the great events and services that UAHRMA provides!

3. What did you learn during quarantine?

I’ve learned that I can survive solely on bread for months on end while saving costs!