Daniela Nadeau

Hi :) I’m Dani and I'm the Co-President for UAHRMA this year. I am in my last year of university and I’m super excited to be leading the team alongside Paige. In my free time, I like to dance, listen to music, and go on walks/hikes (only when it’s nice outside haha)

1. What made you passionate to join UAHRMA?

I've always wanted to help others in any way and UAHRMA is a place where I can make a difference in students' career journeys. I love learning new things about HR and Strategy so being part of UAHRMA has been great. I'm very excited to have such an awesome team and I'm looking forward to our upcoming events!

2. What do you hope to achieve being part of the team?

I hope to achieve some good leadership skills and have an overall positive, engaging, and fun team environment.

3. What did you learn during quarantine?

I’ve learnt a lot of things in quarantine with all the extra time! I’ve learned how to paint, cook some pretty good meals, i’ve discovered the amazingness of diffusers and I finally had a farrow sandwich (also amazing)!